Xinjin Investment Holding Limited (“XJ Capital”) is an Asia-based global alternative investments manager founded in late 2018.  Established by senior executives of China Securities International and anchored by one of our Limited Partners, CITIC Group, XJ Capital seeks to leverage its network and resources in Asia and China, to create a leading alternative investments platform that is a partner of choice in connecting and creating value between Asia/China and the rest of the world.

» Core Partners

Our core Limited Partners and partners include CITIC Group, ITOCHU Corporation, China Telecom and CP Group, who bring complementary and vast resources to XJ Capital globally, but especially in Asia and China.



» Core Strategy

Our private equity investment strategy is that of value-driven and partnership-oriented

• Leveraging XJ Capital’s network and resources in Asia, we seek to help our portfolio companies realize their growth potential in Asia and China.

• We focus on unlocking value of our investments through active partnership with management teams of our portfolio companies.

• Value creation is a core theme to our investment strategy.  In addition to unlocking growth in Asia/China, we have the following pillars of value creation:


- Acceleration of growth through product or geographic diversification and/or add-on acquisitions


- Operational improvements with a focus on efficiency and margin enhancements


- Cashflow optimization, especially through working capital management