• Investment Analysis Intern



    •  Collect industry and company information from primary and secondary markets at home and abroad, refine market insight and grasp market trends;

    •  Assist the investment team in related work, including industry analysis, investment opportunity screening, due diligence, financial modeling, risk-return analysis, investment structure design and post-investment operation planning, etc.

    •  Assist in the preparation of project initiation reports, investment analysis reports and other materials for internal decision-making;

    •  Love research and analysis work, willing and good at in-depth knowledge mining.



    •  Students or graduates of first-class universities with major in finance, economy and enterprise management are preferred.

    •  Experience in investment banking or equity private placement is preferred;

    •  Strong analytical and communication skills;

    •  Able to conduct industry research, express opinions clearly, and write concise and clear industry and company reports;

    •  Excellent written and spoken Chinese and English skills;

    •  Team spirit and initiative, good at small team environment and efficient communication.

    •  Full-time internship is required to provide full-time retention opportunities.



    Contact Information

    •  Please send your resume to intern@xj-capital.com

    •  The resume and email title refer to the following format:

    "Internship (HKINV) _ Name _ XX University _ Major Name _ First Year of Grad School _ ** Months _ ** Days a Week".